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Nervous About Induction

Hello Everyone,

Well tomorrow may 8 th is gonna be the day and we are very nervous. My due date was may 22nd, but since I have had high blood pressure with this pregnancy, my doctor wanted me to be induced. This will be the first time that I will be induced and I am very very nervous.
I don't know what will actually happen, but am excited about the baby coming. I never thought I could hold out on knowing the babys gender. I wanted to know really bad, but my husband really wanted it to be a surprise, so I thought it would be fun to not know what the babys sex would be till I gave birth.

Cuz of my high blood pressure, I had to go threw a lot threw out this pregnancy. We had a scare, I had a little bit of bleeding during the beginning of the pregnancy. We went to the ER and after sitting there nervous from 10pm to 5am, they still found a heartbeat, and said that I needed to rest. They said they didn't know for sure that the baby would make it, but thankfully, we are here and everything came out fine.

I had to go to the doctor once a week for blood pressure check ups. I also had to go twice a week for non stress tests. That's when they hook this machine to u, and u can hear the babys heartbeat to make sure the baby didn't seem stressed. I was put on bed rest. The only thing I really didn't like was going to all these appointments, but the only good thing that came out of it was to hear the babys heartbeat twice a week. I felt good knowing that the baby was doing good.

Now all the appointments end and time to meet our new son or daughter. My husband and I are crossing our fingers hoping that the baby will be a girl but if not we will be happy either way. Am gonna try to get enough sleep as I can before the big day tomorrow and I will be back on lj with baby in hand soon! Thanxs for all the well wishes!
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