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Exhausted, But Happy And All That Good Stuff!

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to make a quick post on my induction the morning didn't start out the way it was suppose to. It seem like the nurse we had, was having bad luck she dropped everything and she just seem like she was having a bad day so it was a rough morning.

The dr was giving me meds to start contractions they were not as strong as I thought they would be, but when she came in to break my bag of water the real contractions had started to set in.

They were strong and they were coming fast I couldn't believe how fast everything went. I wanted an epidural to numb some pain. I was already at 6 cm when the dr finally came in to give me the meds. It turned out to be a little late so it really didn't work at all. I kept feeling the contractions get stronger and I would ask the nurse why the pain hasn't gone down and she really didn't do anything about it.

After I got the epidural not even 10 mintues later, I had felt a lot of pressure like the baby was pushing down, and I felt like I had to push. I then had my self checked again to see if I was dilated and i dilated to 9 in a half cm everything seemed so fast.

The nurse called my dr and my dr came in to see me and she was getting everything ready to give birth to my baby. I was pushing at 9 and a half cm, and I was in so much pain I could feel everything that was happening I couldn't believe how much pain I was in.

But here I am. My husband and I have a 7 pound 6 oz 18 in baby girl I still remember all the pain that I had to feel but looking at our new baby girl takes it all away. Well still tired and gonna get more rest I will be back on lj soon. P.S if u plan to get an epidural I would ask the nurse if you can get the epidural at 4 cm. Talk to u all later.
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